6th Annual Desert Harvesters Mesquite Milling Fiesta and Mesquite Pancake Breakfast

Dunbar/Spring Organic Community Garden, Tucson, AZ
Saturday, November 8, 2008
9am – 2pm
The mesquite pancake breakfast is from 9am to noon.
The mesquite milling is from 8am to 2pm.

At the Dunbar/Spring breakfast we proudly serve mesquite/whole-wheat pancakes made with all organic, local ingredients. The mesquite flour is made from native Velvet mesquite pods hand picked by Desert Harvesters around Tucson – with most of the pods picked from trees planted within the Dunbar/Spring neighborhood. The organic wheat is from Crooked Sky Farm in Glendale, AZ, and is ground just a week before the event. The pancakes are served with prickly-pear syrup, mesquite syrup, organic back yard honey, agave nectar, and sometimes (if we are really lucky) saguaro syrup. There are also a variety of locally-made teas and organic coffee for people to try. The price of the pancake breakfast is $1 per pancake, and you get a raffle ticket with each pancake purchased. Local foods, crafts, teas, and gift certificates are raffled off throughout the event.

There’s also great live music, and a playground for all to play in. If it rains, we move the event just north of the garden to the Dunbar Auditorium.

In addition, local organic and wild foods are for sale. These can include local mesquite flour; prickly pear syrup, jam, and juice; mesquite pancake mix; baked goods; chiltepines; cholla buds; olive oil; cured olives; fresh mole mixes, and more. You’ll also find native herbal medicines and teas, organic Desert Harvesters T-shirts, and rainwater harvesting books for sale. And we try to feature educational sampling booths on other local/native foods such as acorn flour and baked goods.

People can bring the pods that they have harvested (up to 15 gallons) and grind them into flour for an additional donation. This year we will have two hammermills in operation to speed up the milling. The minimum milling fee is $3 for any amount under 3 gallons of whole pods. If you have more than 3 gallons of pods to grind, you pay $1 per gallon of whole pods. The idea is to encourage folks to bring at least 3 to 5 gallons of whole pods (5 gallons of whole pods will provide you with about 1 gallon of fine, edible flour in about 5 minutes of milling). Click here for more on how we run our millings.

The event is hosted by, and is a fundraiser for, Desert Harvesters.

Directions to Dunbar-Spring Community Garden:
The garden is located at the corner of 11th Avenue and University Blvd. The nearest major intersection is Speedway & Stone. From Speedway & Stone: Go south on Speedway 3 blocks, and turn right on University Blvd. Go 3 more blocks to 11th Ave. The garden is at the northwest corner of University and 11th.