9th Annual Desert Harvesters Mesquite Milling & Bake Sale (!) Fiesta

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bake sale times: 9 am – noon
Milling times:
8 am – 2 pm
Where: Dunbar/Spring Organic Community Garden, Tucson, AZ

The Ninth Annual Mesquite Milling and Fiesta at Dunbar/Spring Community Garden is still on, but this year we are flippin’ it! We are so much more than pancakes! So we are skipping the pancakes this season in favor of a mesquite bake sale to focus our attention on formalizing our organization and highlighting what else besides pancakes is more delicious with mesquite. More on that and how you can help coming soon!

We’ll have native herbal teas from Tucson Herb Store for sampling and organic, locally roasted coffee from Time Market for sale.

The milling event will continue as in years past. See below for details.

All in all, the event will have the same “flavor,” but will offer MORE than pancakes. To that end, we are looking for volunteers to bake goodies for the Mesquite Bake Sale!  We need YOU!  Can you commit to making a couple dozen scones, muffins, cookies, or other bake-sale-y goodness?

Sign up now (or ask questions) by sending an email to hammermill@desertharvesters.org.

If you’d like to be part of the crew that makes it all happen, we need many hands to make the event run smoothly, and especially to help with pod inspection and the mesquite-milling operation. If you’d like to help with the mill, send an email to chaff@desertharvesters.org. Don’t forget to set your spam filter to allow emails from these addresses! Your help will be very much appreciated, and anyone who volunteers at least 4 hours on Fiesta day will receive a free Desert Harvesters t-shirt!

There’s also great live music (this year: the Brambleberries), and a playground for all to play in. If it rains, we move the event just north of the garden to the Dunbar Auditorium.

If you haven’t already, you’ll be able to purchase a copy of our amazing new cookbook, Eat Mesquite! In addition to Amy’s famous pancake recipe and nearly 50 other delicious recipes in celebration of mesquite flour, this cookbook contains information about the culinary and medicinal uses of Prosopis in arid lands, secrets for cooking with mesquite flour, and how you too can harvest, store, mill and enjoy mesquite pods with tasty, fun and nutritious results. Click here for more information, including the cookbook’s table of contents, reviews & testimonials, photos, and more.

In addition, local organic and wild foods will be for sale. These can include local mesquite flour; prickly pear syrup, jam, juice, and popsicles(!); mesquite pancake mix; baked goods; chiltepines; cholla buds; olive oil; cured olives; fresh mole mixes, and more. You’ll also find native herbal medicines and teas, organic Desert Harvesters T-shirts, and rainwater harvesting books for sale. And we try to feature educational sampling booths on other local/native foods such as acorn flour and baked goods.

You can bring your harvested pods (up to 15 gallons) and get them ground them into flour for an additional donation. Again this year we will have three hammermills in operation to speed up the milling. The minimum milling fee is $5 for any amount under 3 gallons of whole pods (broken pods may be weighed instead). If you have 3+ gallons of whole pods to grind, you pay $2 per gallon. We want to encourage folks to bring at least 3 to 5 gallons of whole pods (5 gallons of whole pods will provide you with about 1 gallon of fine, edible flour in about 5 minutes of milling). Click here for more on how we run our millings.

If you do not want to wait in line to mill your pods, after we have inspected them to ensure they are clean enough to mill, you can prepay for the milling and leave the pods with us in sealed containers labeled with all your contact info. We will then grind them within a week and give you a call when your flour is ready for pick-up.

The milling/fiesta event is hosted by, and is a fundraiser for, Desert Harvesters.

Directions to Dunbar-Spring Community Garden:

The garden is located at the corner of 11th Avenue and University Blvd. The nearest major intersection is Speedway & Stone. From Speedway & Stone: Go south on Speedway 3 blocks, and turn right on University Blvd. Go 3 more blocks to 11th Ave. The garden is at the northwest corner of University and 11th.