DESERT HARVESTERS: Pre-Monsoon MESQUITE MILLING, June 22, 2014 — Tucson AZ

Sunday, June 22, 2014
In the event of rain, the milling will be moved to the following Sunday, June 29

6 – 9 am (to beat the summer heat)

We’re excited about this year’s event, newly timed to rhyme with the Sonoran Desert’s natural cycles, and we’d love to get some more volunteers to add to the greatness! Can you help out? All those volunteering the whole event get a free Desert Harvesters T-shirt and community appreciation. If you can help please let us know in advance by emailing us at, and including your name, phone number, and times you are available to help on Sunday.

Hosted by Exo Roast Co.
403 N 6th Ave
NW corner of 6th Avenue & 7th Street, Tucson

Mesquite (and carob) pods will be milled BEFORE THE SUMMER RAINS to encourage harvesting before the rains (as recommended by the Mesquite Harvest Working Group) for a higher-quality harvest, with less insect predation, and far less potential for invisible molds more common in post-rain harvests.

See here for more on why pre-rain harvests are the traditional practice, and so important.

About the Milling: Bring Your Own Pods!

Pods for milling must be clean, dry, and free of mold/fungus, stones, leaves, and other debris.

Cost: $3/gallon of whole pods, with a minimum of $10.

1 gallon of whole mesquite pods mills into about one pound of flour, so the price averages $3 per pound of flour—a bargain considering that the flour usually sells for $14–$20 per pound. After pod inspection and prepayment, you may leave your pods in sealed food-grade containers (preferably 5-gallon plastic buckets with lids), with owner’s name and phone number written on each container. Flour will be ready within a week and must be picked up. No refunds.

See for more information.

We will also have:
• A native wild foods demonstration – highlighting what’s in harvest season now;
• Exo’s mesquite-, mole-, and chiltepin-infused coffees;
• Mesquite baked goods and cactus fruit popsicles; and
• Sale of seeds and seedlings of the best-tasting native bean trees and chiltepines — so you can plant yours in time for the rains.

Eat Mesquite coverMesquite flour is a naturally sweet, nutritious, and delicious addition to recipes for cakes, cookies, pizza, bread, tortillas, granola, dog biscuits—you name it! And like many other native foods, gluten-free mesquite is great for people with hypoglycemia and diabetes as it slows the body’s intake of sugars. Copies of Eat Mesquite! A Cookbook will be available for purchase for those looking for ideas on how to use mesquite flour in the kitchen.