DESERT HARVESTERS: Mesquite Seed-Collecting Workshop, June 26, 2016 — Tucson AZ

Photo credit: Brad Lancaster

Photo credit: Brad Lancaster

Mesquite Seed-Collecting Workshop
for Desert Harvesters Members & Volunteers only

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Meet in *Oracle Junction* at 5:30 am
Return to *Oracle Junction* at 9:15 am
Let us know if you’re interested in carpooling, and from where.

$10 if you are a member or volunteer
$5 if you are a member and volunteer

This event made even better due to generous support from Lush Cosmetics & The Sustainable Lush Fund.

This workshop is about identifying and harvesting the best mesquite seed used to propagate and grow higher-quality mesquite trees.

Most mesquite trees (except the screwbean) cross-pollinate and hybridize with other mesquites—including non-native mesquites—particularly in urban and suburban environments. Learn how to identify, harvest, and process seeds collected and germinated from mesquite trees with best flavor, harvest, and quality characteristics. We’ll gather at a carpool spot near downtown Tucson and drive out of town together to the workshop location far from any non-native mesquites that would otherwise cross with the natives.

We will be harvesting from trees with the following ideal characteristics:

  • Pods ripening before monsoon rains
  • Pods with great flavor
  • Pods growing in dense clusters
  • True natives (for higher value to native flora & fauna)
  • Great form (for aesthetic & practical reasons)
  • Thornless
  • Resistance to mesquite pests and pathogens

Desert Harvesters members and volunteers: RSVP to Linda at
Non-members: Join & then RSVP!
Non-volunteers: Sign up & commit to volunteer in 2016 & then RSVP!

Linda will provide specific meet-up location and payment instructions upon registration.

What to bring:
– Snake smarts—we will be collecting seeds in rural areas!
– Closed-toe shoes (preferably heavy, tall boots)
– Heavy pants (preferably denim or canvas)
– Long-sleeved shirt (preferably durable material)
– Sun protection (hat, bandana(s), sunscreen if you’re into that)
– More water than you think you will need
– Your own breakfast/hearty snacks