Solar Ovens – Hands-on Homestead Series – with Desert Harvesters’ Jill Lorenzini, May 25, 2017 — Tucson AZ


Thursday, May 25
4–7 pm

Santa Cruz River Farmers Market
100 South Avenida del Convento
Tucson, Arizona

In ultra-sunny Arizona, it makes a lot of sense to cook with the sun. Learn basic solar-oven concepts and design principles from Desert Harvesters’ Jill Lorenzini, then watch various solar ovens in action and sample delicious solar-cooked foods. Place-based cooking.

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All THURSDAY DEMOS are free and open to the public, and are sponsored by the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. For more information, contact the Food Bank at (520) 882-3313.

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Devil’s-claw pod

•PRESERVING & PICKLING with Desert Harvesters’ and Bean Tree Farm‘s Barbara Rose

Thursday, July 27
4–7 pm

To preserve the bounty of summer and other seasons of abundance, try pickling! Using salt and vinegar and various herbs and spices, you can pickle beans, peas, cukes, okra, cholla buds, nopalitos, peas, devils claw pods, radishes, beets, carrots, ginger, etc. Sample various pickled foods.

•DESERT HERBAL-INFUSED OILS & VINEGARS with Desert Harvesters’ and Bean Tree Farm‘s Barbara Rose and friends

Thursday, August 31
4–7 pm (Saturday workshop* September 1)

It’s easy to infuse the flavors of your favorite herbs and spices into oils and vinegars for culinary use. Learn how to use desert and fresh market herbs for flavorings. Sample various vinegars and oils. Special prickly-pear vinegar recipe.

•CURING OLIVES with Desert Harvesters’ Jill Lorenzini

Thursday, September 28
4–7 pm

Learn a few methods of curing this locally abundant heritage fruit, using salt, water, and traditional and desert flavorings. Sample various cured and brined olives. Mission and other types of olives were introduced to the region in the 17th century by Spanish Jesuit missionaries like Father Kino.

•DESERT MEDICINAL HERBAL SALVE with Desert Harvesters’ and Bean Tree Farm‘s Barbara Rose and friends

Thursday, October 19
3–6 pm (Saturday workshop* October 21)

Using simple formulas and common desert plants, learn one way to make medicinal salve for topical use. Learn about medicinal qualities of desert plants used for typical desert injuries like sunburn, chapped lips, dry skin, scrapes, stings, cactus spines. Sample different salves.

Foothills palo verde pods

•PLANTING SONORAN DESERT FOOD FORESTS with Desert Harvesters’ Jill Lorenzini and friends

Thursday, November 30
3–6 pm (Saturday workshop* December 2)

Explore the idea of food guilds and design your own food forest using Sonoran Desert plant cards, including bean trees, cactus, berries, greens and herbs, and seeds. Design and inventory for seasonal food harvests, pollinators, color, medicinal use, shade, mulch, wind-breaks, native fauna habitat, soil enrichment, fragrance, least water use, utilitarian use, vegetable gardening, etc.

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