W​orkshop:​​ PLANTING SONORAN DESERT FOOD FORESTS at Bean Tree Farm, Tucson

Hands-On ​ Homestead S​eries :  ​Planting Sonoran Desert Food Forests Workshop

Saturday, December 2 , 2017

9:30am – 2:30pm

Venue:   Bean Tree Farm

Cost:  $35-$75

To Register:  Email workshops@desertharvesters.org for details and directions


Bean Tree Farm



Welcome to this lush desert!

Find out how planting native perennial desert food plants increases food and water security, provided shade and coming, habitat, fragrance, food, medicinals, helps pollinators, and increases beauty and quality of life.

Using plant cards, design various food forests and see what harvests are created throughout the year, season by season.

​ Sample what you made plus seasonal Bean Tree Farm specialties.