“Eat Mesquite and More” – Cookbook Fundraiser – August 24, 2017


Date:  Thursday, August 24, 2017
Time: 4:30pm–7:00pm

Venue:Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market @ the Mercado San Agustín
(Market is hosted by the Community Food Bank)

Address: 100 S Avenida del Convento | Tucson, Arizona

Join us at the SANTA CRUZ RIVER FARMERS’ MARKET for Happy Hour as we kick off our CROWD-FUNDING SITE for our upcoming cookbook:
                      “Eat Mesquite and More”
 This fundraiser is primarily for funding the printing costs of the cookbook; the more money we raise, the more cookbooks we can print, which will keep final costs lower to you !
— Also, we want to say “thank you” to INGRID – BEAN TREE FARM and EDIBLE BAJA AZ’s summer intern and DH volunteer —
 Look for us in the Courtyard, there will be:
~ a pre-sale of Desert Harvesters’ “EAT MESQUITE AND MORE”
~ a selection of cookbook recipes and pages to whet your appetite
~ $1 off the already low happy hour prices at Agustin Kitchen – if you donate!
Don’t miss the special opportunity to pre-order Desert Harvesters’ upcoming  “Eat Mesquite And More”
it’s going to be so amazing.
Desert Harvesters is hard at work on the final editing, and would be truly grateful for donations for the printing costs if you’re feeling generous!
We will thank you and shower you with appreciation, wild recipes and terrific tales of desert living and eating.
For more information, come by Thursday and ask us !  You can also email : fundraiser@desertharvesters.org