SPRING DESERT HARVEST SERIES -Featuring Recipes from “Eat Mesquite and More”

2018 DESERT HARVEST SERIES DEMOS – Featuring Recipes from  our new Eat Mesquite and More Cookbook  


Date & Time:  March 15, 2018     From:  3pm-6pm

Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market
Mercado San Agustín
100 S. Avenida del Convento
Tucson, AZ 85745

All demos are free and open to the public!
Sponsored by the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona


Spring Equinox Bounty: Plentiful nopalitos, yucca, ocotillo and palo verde flowers, chia, herbs you can use in your kitchen 3-6pm


Unless otherwise indicated, these are demonstrations, not hands-on workshops. If you find a wild food that you particularly like, keep an eye out for possible upcoming hands-on workshops &/or volunteer harvesting opportunities with Desert Harvesters, Bean Tree Farm, and other collaborators!

Desert Harvest & Homestead Demos are made possible by Community Food Bank in collaboration with Desert Harvesters, Bean Tree Farm, Mano Y Metate, Santa Cruz     River Farmers Market and others. All market demos are free and open to the public. For follow-up workshops to develop further skills email:  beantreefarm@gmail.com