Author Bios

Eat Mesquite and More is conceived and edited by Desert Harvesters, a grassroots organization born of a desire—and evolved over a multi-decade practice—to create a more delicious life, one that celebrates local resources and relationships for the benefit of our own health and that of where we live, work, and play. Desert Harvesters promote and enhance the planting and use of native wild food sources, which can thrive on harvested rainfall and runoff without the additional irrigation that depletes groundwater as well as creeks and rivers. We offer workshops in how to harvest and prepare mesquite and other native foods, hold community events to celebrate local harvests, run tastings and mesquite millings to improve the harvest and simplify its processing, and plant native food-bearing trees and understory plantings throughout Tucson, Arizona and beyond. By fostering a reciprocal relationship between native plants, local waters, and local people, we work to strengthen local food security, reconnect people with the ecosystem, and build a more dynamic and regenerative community.


Recipes contributed by over 60 community cooks, chefs, and culinary artists, including Lori Adkison, Mikaela Jones, Carlos Nagel, Carolyn Niethammer, Barbara Rose, Native Seeds/SEARCH, Amy Valdés-Schwemm, Patty West, Janos Wilder, Aaron Wright, and more.


Additional authors include:

  • Brad Lancaster, co-founder of Desert Harvesters and author of the books Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Vols. 1 & 2. (Rainsource Press).
  • Jill Lorenzini, writer, visual artist, educator, natural builder, and desert harvester.
  • Kimi Eisele, writer/editor at the Southwest Folklife Alliance and author of The Lightest Object in the Universe (Algonquin Books).
  • Amanda Bramble, director, Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center in Cerrillos/Madrid, New Mexico
  • Richard Felger, ethnobotanist and associated researcher at the University of Arizona Herbarium and School of Plant Sciences.
  • Neil Logan, applied ethnobotanist, agroforestry systems designer, and co-director of the FARM Center.
  • John Slattery, founder of Desert Tortoise Botanicals and author of Southwest Foraging (Timber Press).
  • With contributions from Gary Paul Nabhan, Ofelia Zepeda, and Petey Mesquitey.