Eat Mesquite & More  – Pre-Orders/Orders Information


We would like to again thank each and every one of you who pre-ordered and ordered our cookbook, in advance, knowing that the book would not be out until December 2017, having faith in us that there would be a book!  Your orders and payments have enabled us to print this book in a timely manner, and we are tremendously grateful to you for your confidence, trust, and support.


Here you will find current information about all  Eat Mesquite and More Pre-Orders.  These were orders made this past summer and fall at a Desert Harvesters’ event, demo, gathering, online through our website, or by phone.

Your first question is probably, “When will I get the book?”

The answer : Starting  December 14th, 2017 !!

We are having many events in December where you can come and pick up your paid copy or copies of “Eat Mesquite and More” in person, and/or buy the book.  Please bring an ID with you if you are picking up a book, so we can check you off on our list, and know we gave your book to you !

For people who have already purchased Eat Mesquite and More prior to 12/8/2017, and have previously indicated in their email to us that they would like the book mailed to them, and also live in the U.S., you can :

1.  Send the $7 shipping cost through your PayPal account, to :

(This is the easiest and preferred way)

2. You can also send the $7 through our donate button on the Home page of our website – we will know that the “donation”  is for shipping (be sure to add your name in the notes, so we can credit you)

3.  We can send you an invoice through PayPal , which you can then pay

4.   You can mail us a check , made out to:  NEST Inc/dba Desert Harvesters for the amount of $7

NOTE: No books will be shipped until the shipping charges have been paid. After that, we will immediately send your order to the Beacon warehouse to process. Your book should arrive within a week, after that.


Average Shipping  and Handling costs for “Eat Mesquite and More”

If we mail, there is an additional cost.

We charge $7 shipping and handling for each single book mailed in the U.S.   Handling alone through Beacon Warehouse is $2.95, and Priority is now $7.20 , so you are getting a deal for the $7. 

(This is a hard cost; we contract with the Beacon Foundation to ship and mail all orders and warehouse our books. They are able to ship the books USPS at a reduced rate due to the volume of shipments leaving their warehouse).

See below for orders in and outside US:

United States:            $7 for one copy of “Eat Mesquite and More”

Canada:                       $28 one copy of “Eat Mesquite and More”

Mexico:                        $35 one copy of “Eat Mesquite and More”

All Other Countries:  $37 one copy of “Eat Mesquite and More”

We do offer wholesale shipping and handling prices, please see the link under Buy Book 


You may also BUY THE BOOK   on our website , here, after December 14, 2017.

 There are detailed instructions there for shipping as well.

— For wholesale and retail inquiries and orders, email us :

— For media inquiries,  see the Press Kit info on our website, and email us:


When and where the book will be available for pickup and sales starts 12/14/2017 :

12/14/17- DESERT HARVESTERS Direct Sales of “Eat Mesquite and More” Cookbook at Santa Cruz River Farmers” Market

12/15/17 DESERT HARVESTERS Release Celebration of “Eat Mesquite and More” at Exo Bar

12/19/17- DESERT HARVESTERS Direct Sales of “Eat Mesquite and More” Cookbook at La Cocina

12/21/17- DESERT HARVESTERS Direct Sales of “Eat Mesquite and More” Cookbook at Santa Cruz River Farmers’ Market


See links above, and here for details on events. We will continue to have book sales events through April of 2018.


                                                                      Any  more questions?   

Come see us at these events, and we will answer them all;  see you soon, somewhere!!