Terms & Conditions for EM2 Pre-Orders

Eat Mesquite and More: A Cookbook for Sonoran Desert  Foods  and Living
7/2017         Terms and Conditions:
– A $35.00 non-refundable Pre-Order is required to reserve a copy of the cookbook.
– The $35.00 will be the final cookbook selling price.
– If you require the cookbook to be shipped, that will be extra; shipping is NOT included in the Pre-Order amount of $35.00.  Shipping fees vary, but within the USA , our discounted  shipping fee for a book starts at $7.00 .
– You will be notified by email when the cookbook is available (If you give Desert Harvesters your email address).
  We will bill you for the postage at that time, postage must be paid before we ship.
– The cookbook is due to be published Fall, 2017.
– All information as to exact publishing dates will be updated as it becomes available.
– For any questions , please contact:  cookbook@desertharvesters.org