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  Above: Eat Mesquite and More Cookbook; milling at Las Milpitas Farm; ironwood harvesting class; La Cocina fundraiser demo table

  Below: example of a Sonoran Desert Food Forest including active and passive rainwater harvesting earthworks and cistern

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Native Food Guides in English and Spanish

Brief introductions to Sonoran Desert native plants including  bean trees (mesquite, palo verde, and ironwood), various cactus (barrel, cholla, saguaro, prickly pear and pincushion), plus devil's claw, berries, seeds, greens and herbs, Sky Islands, etc.

ReWilding Resources

Includes resources for permaculture and rewilding concepts and design, native plant nurseries, rainwater and greywater harvesting, city and county green stormwater infrastructure, climate resiliency action, water conservation.


Best Harvest Practices

BHP in Spanish 

Low-Risk Harvest Conditions 

Frequently Asked MesQuestions 

Simmering Pods into Broth 

Milling Pods into Flour

Avoiding Aflatoxins 

More on Aflatoxins 


REWILDING TASTE BUDS AND NEIGHBORHOODS Video Series (made possible thanks to grant funding from the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Videography by Ashley Stinnett, music by Gabrielle Pietrangelo)

How to Candy Barrel Cactus Slices

How to Make Aromatic Desert Tea

How to Make Creosote Salve

How to Make Mesqcafé Olé

How to Make Berry Good Salsa

How to Make Palo Verde Parmesan Bites

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