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Income from Super Seasonal Sales purchases helps offset rising printing costs for the new revised edition of Eat Mesquite and More!

Delicious Desert Paisley Poster- $10  ($5 off)                       

Cotton Apron- $20 ($5 off)                                                     

Cotton Tote- $15 ($5 off)                                                  

Desert Tie-Dye Scarf- $20 ($10 off)                         

Potholders- $6 ($2 off)                                                                  

Seed Balls- $10 ($2 off)

Your generous Store purchases help support our work, AND you receive something wonderful in return to connect you to the beautiful Sonoran Desert! These items make useful and educational gifts, and come with the knowledge that you're advancing our mission and making a difference!

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(non-profit organizations and indigenous people purchasing for educational purposes, please contact us for discounted rates)

ORDER YOUR "Eat Mesquite and More Cookbook"! Click Here for "Eat Mesquite and More's  order page. 

Please calculate the number of books at $40 each, and calculate shipping at $5.00 for one book. Books will be shipped when printed- expected in February 2023. We apologize for supply chain and paper issue delays!

  • 1 book plus shipping = $45.00
  • 2 books plus shipping = $89.00
  • 3 books plus shipping = $130.00 

Seasonal Services: Wild Foods Consultations, Slideshows, Walks, and more

Delicious Desert Slideshow

Enjoy this visually stunning presentation about seasonal Sonoran Desert food-bearing plants, including bean trees, cactus, berries, greens and herbs, flowers.        Hear delicious stories from Desert Harvesters community kitchen too!. 

~45-minute narrated slideshow followed by 15 minute Q&A at your location

-Mac-compatible slide-show viewer and equipment required. 

-Fee includes initial phone consultation (additional fee for long-distance locations may apply)  Contact us to schedule a slideshow for your group!                                         

(non-profit organizations please contact us for discounted rates)